Welcome to the CUNY School of Public Health Office of Career Services!

Booking Instructions:

Please note: the Office of Student Services will only provide support over SPH/CUNY emails following Fall 2016.
Please gain access to your email to take advantage of our services.

Once you have a service and an employee selected-
Select a day
Available days appear in gray and can be selected, select your desired time in the space to the right  
Appointments must be booked 3 days in advance
If there are no appointments available, appointments are ONLY visible for the next 2 weeks
Fill out the form using your SPH or CUNY Email
Check the email you provided for materials to prepare for your meeting
You will get reminder and update texts to the mobile number you provided

Email CareerServices@sph.cuny.edu  with any questions

We seek to create a vibrant learning environment that will provide you with the necessary tools to enhance your skills. Please take a close look at all that our programs have to offer. Be willing to take advantage of as many of those experiences and services as you can. Let us help you do everything that you can to support and enrich your educational experience.

We coordinate major school-wide activities such as orientation, information sessions, career and internship, and professional development workshops and other student led community events. Our experienced staff is committed to providing excellent student centered service and will also facilitate as liaison between students, faculty, and administrative staff. Getting involved is easy in our School. We have Academy Health Chapter, APHA student assembly and Public Health Association of New York City, Alumni Association and other Student Innovation Initiatives.

The Office of Student Services has several people to assist you during your time at the CUNY School of Public Health; we hope that you will view our office as a useful resource to answer any questions. Please feel free to stop by.

Contact us

New York 55 W 125th St New York United States of America
E-mail: Careerservices@sph.cuny.edu